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Color Sorting Machine 101

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1. What is Color Sorter Machine?

Color sorter also named color sorting machine, color sorter machine or optical sorting machine, it is according to the color differences of granular materials, uses a high-resolution CCD optical sensor photoelectric detection technology to sort different granular materials.

Currently, color sorters are used in the field of bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality testing and grading. Such as agricultural products, food and mining industries, The most common use is sorting rice, wheat, corn, peanut, a variety of beans, seeds, tea, herbs, dried vegetables, recycled plastic, salt and ore etc.

The colour sorter machine may be a high tech multi-commodity sorting machine that meet and fulfils the necessity of the food processing industry.

Colour sorting machines are integrated with high-end Optics with precision electronics that mixes embedded systems with Digital Image Technique perfectly. Colour sorting may be a solution for separating unwanted contamination and foreign material from good material supported colour and sort.

Compared with manual selection, the color sorter saves labor, saves time, has high efficiency, and has low processing costs. Improve the quality, economic and social benefits of selected products.

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2. Types of Color Sorter Machine

According to size: mini color sorter and ordinary color sorter

According to numbers layers: Multilayer Color Sorter and single-layer color sorter

According to Models: Chute-Type Color Sorter and  Belt-Type Color Sorter

According to the material transportation mode, it can be divided into Belt Colour Sorter and Chute Colour Sorter.

Chute-Type Color Sorter according to the machine's processing capacity, can be divided into 64 channels sorting machine,128 channels sorting machine,192 channels sorting machine, 256 channels sorting machine, 320 channels sorting machine, 384 channels sorting machine, 448 channels sorting machine, 512 channels sorting machine, 640 channels sorting machine and 768 channels sorting machine.

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3. How Does the Color Sorter Machine Work?

Components of color sorter machine

Feeding system: It is composed of a feeding hopper, feed port, vibrator, etc. The feeding device is connected to the frame by an anti-vibration spring. The selected material slides down into the channel through the feeding hopper, the feed port, and the vibrator.

Channel: It is composed of inclined and fixed aluminum alloy slides, through which the selected materials evenly enter the sorting chamber.

The optoelectronic system: It is composed of two sorting boxes at the front and back, and there are cameras, light sources, reflectors and other components inside. The signals of each channel are collected and processed from here and transmitted to the main control machine.

  1. Product enters machine

  2. Vibratory feeders meter product onto the chute

  3. The product accelerates and singulates

  4. Product viewed and classified in midair

  5. Product is accepted or rejected

Components of color sorter machine

Electrical box: Most electrical components are installed in the sealed box behind the machine, which is an important part of the machine. It is responsible for controlling the work of the electrical part and controlling the spray valve to complete the color selection process of removing impurities.

Blowing device: It is controlled by the main control board, the spray valve board, the valve line and the spray valve are used to reject unqualified materials.

Receiving hopper: It is composed of receiving chamber and receiving pipe. The receiving pipe receives qualified products and the receiving room receives unqualified products.

Frame structure: composed of brackets, etc.

Air supply system: It is composed of filtering, decompression, and air pressure display components, and provides qualified compressed air to the whole machine. When the air pressure is lower than a certain value, it will automatically alarm and stop working.

Heating device: It makes the channel work at an appropriate temperature.

Working Principles

The main method of colour sorting machine for sorting objects by color and shape.

  • Sort by shape

    System to display seed images, allowing the user easy set-up for rejecting based on color, defect size, and Shape-Sizing – separation of elements based on different geometric characteristics.

  • Sort by color

    High-resolution CCD optical sensor to drive solenoid valve to sorting different granular materials.  you can separate them by color.

  • Sort by sizes

    It is prevalent to sort foods by size. In general, a color sorter can sort products by sizes of 0.1mm to 100mm. End products in a uniform size indicate good quality control.

How to pick out the broken grain/impurities/mouldy grain?

The grain mixture will travel by elevator belt or feeder into a hopper on top of the machine, from which it will flow down along chutes in the colour sorter, streamlining their flow so that they may be scanned by CCD sensors. The moment the camera detects any color defects, the camera instructs ejectors fitted in the machine to open the nozzle. The nozzle is connected to valves containing compressed air. This air is then used to shoot out the color defected material from the input grain.


4. Application

Color sorters have been widely used in many industries, from agriculture to industry, and can meet the needs of rice, tea, beans, medicinal materials, seeds, dried shrimps, nuts, all kinds of dry goods, plastics, jewelry, ore and other special Color selection requirements for more than 7,000 products such as materials.

Compared with manual selection, the color sorting machine is labor-saving, time-saving, high-efficiency, and low-processing cost; it improves the quality and economic and social benefits of the selected products.



Wheat Sorting

Sesame Sorting

Garlic Sorting

Peanut Sorting

Chili Sorting

Plastic Sorting

Ore Color Sorting

Rice Color Sorting

Beans Color Sorting

5. Use & Maintenance

  1. Color sorter maintenance

    Dedusting is very important for color sorters.

    Clean dust on the rubber strip of the deash brush once a week by ash gun; check the deash brush once a month, if any loose, tighten it. Correct the rubber strip if it cannot operate steadily.

  2. Dedusting for sorting cabinet

    If any dust is found on the glass inside the sorting box, rub and remove it with a clean soft cloth soaked with alcohol, and check if the dust wiper works normally. Start the machine only after the glass surface is completely dried and cleaned.

  3. Sewage discharging for filter

    Sewage discharging for filter and replacement of filter element

  4. Ambient temperature around the machine should be maintained at 0-40.

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6. Buying Guide of Color Sorter Machine

When you want to select colour sorter, you should base it on your needs. The same business each color sorter appearance may not be very different, but can't use the rice color sorter for ore sorting. If the grain machine or modified machine in the application of ore site production will be serious damage to the chute, light path destroyed serious, long-term cumulative deformation and other problems. So first of all in the machine type selection should choose the right type of color sorter.

First of all, you must clarify your needs. such as how many channels do i need?How to judge the quality of the colour sorter machine?

The type of color sorter you buy and the number of color sorters you buy will be largely dependent on the volume of material you foresee sorting per day/week.

The color sorter you buy will also be dependent on the types of materials you expect to be sorting. The type and number of color sorters you purchase will also be determined by the amount of factory space you have available.

Then you need to think about these questions: where to buy? what price of color sorter to choose? which brand to choose?

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