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Nuts Color Sorter

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Sunrise rice ccd color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting rice,paddy seed,boiled rice,par-boiled rice,basmati rice,long grain rice,pearl rice,Thai rice,etc.Color sorter can separate deep yellow,light yellow,black,chalky,pinpoint,stone,plastic,stripe inside riice with very high sorting effect.And combined with size and shape sorting,our color sorter also can rejected our broken rice fro whole.

 Color Sorter Will Solve Your Headache Sorting Problems



It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.



5700px high-revolution cameras can find out the minimum Mildew down to 0.01mm2.



It recognizes the foreign impurities by color and removes them with a fast ejector.

Nuts color sorter type

There are two types of color sorters to choose from according to the sorting requirements of different nuts. Belt color sorter and chute color sorter.

The cutting is stable and uniform, which minimizes the material damage rate during the sorting process. The color selection scheme can quickly remove foreign bodies such as light heterochromatic particles and diseased particles. The nut color sorting machine adopts color selection and shape selection synchronization technology to completely remove impurities in large or small black chips, incomplete nuts, empty shells and other foreign objects. The pixel is more than 5000pix. Resolution sensor, self-developed intelligent algorithm, unique near-infrared technology, accurately sort out defective products.

belt color sorterchute color sorter

Difficulties in nut sorting

During the collection process, many foreign objects from the natural environment are carried, such as stones, gums, branches and leaves, metals or other plants. In the process of processing and production of many nuts, especially after shelling, it is difficult to recognize with the naked eye when nuts with a slightly darker color are mixed into good products with balanced color. In addition, different shapes can often be seen. Nuts, such as dinucleolar, atrophic, insect-eaten, natural holes, etc. There are also nuts and husks that have been mechanically damaged during processing. How to strictly remove all foreign bodies and defective products is a major problem faced by nut processing enterprises.

The sorting of nut kernels will face the problem of fragile nut kernels. Collision during the sorting process may cause the intact nuts to be broken into inferior products, increasing losses and costs.

Nut sorting solution

High-definition color cameras and other optical technologies can accurately identify the subtle differences in color and size of nuts based on the difference in color and size. Its biological fingerprint technology can also detect nuts based on different biological characteristics. More other multi-spectral technologies help customers solve the sorting problems that cameras cannot handle, ensure the quality and output of the final product, and increase the return on investment.

In view of the fragility of nuts, we recommend a color sorter and a belt-type color sorter. Belt-type color sorter is compared with channel-type color sorter, crawler-type color sorter transports the products to the sorting area by the conveyor. In this process, the products are relatively static. The slot machine uses gravity to slide the product along the channel to the sorting area. During the sliding process, there will be a lot of collision and friction between the products, and the range of the product's up and down movement is relatively large, which will cause the product to be impacted. May cause broken nut kernels.

AI CCD Color Sorter Machine Advantage

  • Unique self-design color sorter frame, outer looking more beautiful, simple and better working performance.

  • AI one-button intelligent processing system, makes the color sorter operation more smart and easier.

  • Remote control by mobile,computer, Pad, 4G and Wifi moderm optional.

  • 5400 CCD Sensor with 160 millions pixel have the ability to detect 130 millions colors.

  • Self-Cooling long life LED lights source system support millions background color changeble.

  • Original German Festo Magnetventil solenoid valve, Festo Air filter, Festo Rodless cylinder.

  • DC 24V Vibrator, makes color sorter capacity more larger and more safe.

  • Size and Shape sorting function, easy to sort out unshaped, big or small size material.

Due to camera we using is 5400 pixel RGB colorful version,so our color sorter not only can sort rice,but also beans,nuts,seeds,grain,plastic etc.any material have color difference.


Sunrise rice color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting various of rice,long grain rice,basmatic,Thai rice,pearl rice,boiled rice,the rice sorter have amazing sorting effect on yellow,light yellow,black,broken rice.sorting effect up to 99.999%.