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Corn color sorter

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Corn color sorter

Sunrise rice ccd color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting rice,paddy seed,boiled rice,par-boiled rice,basmati rice,long grain rice,pearl rice,Thai rice,etc.Color sorter can separate deep yellow,light yellow,black,chalky,pinpoint,stone,plastic,stripe inside riice with very high sorting effect.And combined with size and shape sorting,our color sorter also can rejected our broken rice fro whole.

 Color Sorter Will Solve Your Headache Sorting Problems

Broken Corn

Broken Corn

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.



It recognizes the foreign impurities by color and removes them with a fast ejector.

Moldy Corn

Moldy Corn

5700px high-revolution cameras can find out the minimum Mildew down to 0.01mm2.

How dose corn color sorter work?

The corn color sorter can remove the moldy and black corn and corn brittle and other impurities in the raw corn grain to ensure the quality of the corn after color sorting. The impurity and defective products in raw corn grains mainly come from two sources. On the one hand, due to the promotion of agricultural mechanization, corn is mixed with some impurities and other impurities during threshing; on the other hand, corn is prone to deterioration such as mildew due to improper storage after storage. This brings about raw material quality problems during subsequent processing, so when reprocessing corn, it is necessary to remove defective products and impurities to ensure the quality of raw materials.

Corn sorting has become an inevitable process in grain processing, and the corn color sorter is a processing machine that realizes the grain sorting process. The birth of the corn color sorter can save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for the grain sorting process, and bring huge benefits to the grain processing enterprises. The corn color sorter is a high-tech comprehensive technology integrating light, machine, electricity and pneumatics. It is an essential food processing equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of the grain refining process.

Corn Sorting Example

Corn Sorting Examples

Factors influencing the use effect of corn color sorter

Corn color sorting is a process that uses CCD optical imaging technology to screen heterochromatic particles and impurities in corn. After the corn material arrives at the processing location, the output per unit time must be determined. The output is inversely proportional to the accuracy of the color sorter, that is, the greater the output per unit time, the worse the color sorting effect. In order to solve the problem of output and color sorting accuracy, the color sorting channel of the color sorter can be added to solve the problem. Our color sorters are available from single-channel mini color sorters to 12-channel color sorters. Meet the needs of different people.

Removal of the yield factor and the impurity rate is also one of the key factors that affect the color sorting effect. The impurity content is the proportion of heterochromatic particles and impurities in the corn raw grain. The impurity content in the corn material directly affects the color sorting accuracy of the corn color sorter. The higher the impurity rate, the lower the color sorting accuracy, and the worse the effect. Therefore, before starting work, set the relevant parameters such as the working mode of the color sorter according to the impurity content and output of the corn material. After the parameters are set, the selected corn is loaded into the feed hopper of the color sorter through the lifting machine. At this time, the corn is fed from the feed hopper through the vibrating feeder to the chute channel. The rice grains are arranged in the chute channel to adjust the speed to form a single layer of corn flow with uniform speed and slide out of the chute channel and fall into the detection area of the CCD lens. The main control system of the color sorter analyzes and judges the rice flow according to the data collected by the CCD lens, and uses the high-speed jet valve to blow out the rice flow from the defective products in the rice flow and enter the defective product hopper. After color sorting, high-quality corn materials will be sent to the next process for processing, and defective products will be stored separately for processing.

Working Principles

Basic mechanical structure of corn color sorter

The main components of the corn color sorter are: feed hopper, vibrating feeder, chute slide, light source, background plate, CCD detection lens, discharge bin and air nozzle, etc.

Feeding system

It is composed of feed hopper, vibrating feeder and chute slide. The corn material to be sorted enters the vibrating feeder from the hopper, and the material is automatically arranged into a row of continuous current slender bundles through the vibration and guiding mechanism, and after being accelerated through the trough, it falls to the detection area of the photoelectric sorting at a constant speed. In order to ensure that the material is clearly presented in the optical sorting and spraying area.

In addition to the function of providing raw grains to be selected for the color sorter, the feeding system can also realize the control of the output of the color sorter. The control of the output per unit time of the color sorter can be achieved by adjusting the flow control board of the feed hopper and the vibration of the vibrating hopper. Due to the large corn grains, it will inevitably be bounced after falling from the vibrating feeder to the chute channel, which will cause the corn to appear crowded and piled up when rolling in the channel, causing misjudgment by the CCD lens. Therefore, a shock-proof cover made of shock-absorbing material should be added above the passage to weaken the beating of corn.

Photoelectric system

The photoelectric system is the core part of the color sorter, which is mainly composed of light source, background board, CCD lens and related auxiliary devices. The light source provides stable and uniform illumination for the tested material and the background board. The CCD lens converts the reflected light of the measured material in the detection area (the detection area is a sealed matte dark box, which aims to prevent stray light from entering the CCD lens and affecting the accuracy) into an electrical signal. The background board provides a reference signal for the electronic control system, and its reflective characteristics are basically equivalent to those of qualified products, but are quite different from the rejected objects.

The adjustment of the hopper flow control board and the vibration of the vibrating hopper can realize the control of the output per unit time of the color sorter. Due to the large corn grains, it will inevitably be bounced after falling from the vibrating feeder to the chute channel, which will cause the corn to appear crowded and piled up when rolling in the channel, causing misjudgment by the CCD lens. Therefore, a shock-proof cover made of shock-absorbing material should be added above the passage to weaken the beating of corn.

Sorting system

The sorting system consists of the discharge bin, jet valve, air compressor and air filter purifier and other accessories. Since the kinetic energy of the corn material is large after being sprayed by the high-speed nozzle, the space of the discharge bin should be large enough and there should be shock absorption measures at the contact part of the material and the discharge bin. Prevent rice from entering the detection area of the CCD lens by rebounding after hitting in the discharge bin, causing accidental hitting. Experiments have proved that the nozzle interval width and the number of nozzles per unit length are one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of the color sorter. The cross-sectional area of the nozzle should be gradually reduced to achieve the purpose of compressed air, and a high-speed jet group valve should be equipped to ensure that the valve can be effectively opened and closed when the impurity content is high, preventing the occurrence of exposure.

Sweeping system

The sweeping system is composed of air cylinders, glass wipers and other components. Because corn will produce dust and other impurities that are easy to adhere to the glass during the color sorting process. Once too much dust and impurities adhere to the window glass, the photoelectric system for sorting and detecting materials through the window glass will easily produce chain reactions such as false detections. It affects the accuracy of color sorting and the output ratio of color sorting, and it causes frequent operation of the air nozzle, reducing the life of the nozzle and the control system, and even burning the nozzle control system. The glass wiper is installed on the cylinder, and the master control system controls the cylinder valve switch to push the cylinder piston to slide according to the preset time to achieve the effect of regularly cleaning the dust and impurities on the glass.

Operating system

A large-screen, wide-view, color touch operation platform is adopted, and multiple color selection modes are preset for customers. And establish a friendly man-machine interface, which can be adjusted conveniently and quickly according to the specific conditions of corn materials.

The optical sorter can sort fresh and frozen corn. It can detect and remove discolouration, pests, fruit shells, calves, foreign objects, etc. The corn enters the corn color sorter from the top hopper, which can be processed in large batches. Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the corn slides down the channel accelerate down into the observation area of the sorting room and pass between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity of the light and the color change, the system generates an output signal to drive the solenoid valve to blow out particles of different colors into the waste cavity of the receiving hopper, and the well-selected materials continue to fall to the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper In order to achieve the purpose of selecting others. The Color sorting machine sorts imperfect corn, stones, mouldy kernels, black paste and other impurities, with a net selection rate of 99%, effectively eliminating corn inferior products, and the selected corn is of good quality. 53.88 million pixels, high-definition and precise identification of materials, one-key intelligent operation, easy-to-use intuitive touch screen, and better sorting effect.

AI CCD Color Sorter Machine Advantage

  • Unique self-design color sorter frame, outer looking more beautiful, simple and better working performance.

  • AI one-button intelligent processing system, makes the color sorter operation more smart and easier.

  • Remote control by mobile,computer, Pad, 4G and Wifi moderm optional.

  • 5400 CCD Sensor with 160 millions pixel have the ability to detect 130 millions colors.

  • Self-Cooling long life LED lights source system support millions background color changeble.

  • Original German Festo Magnetventil solenoid valve, Festo Air filter, Festo Rodless cylinder.

  • DC 24V Vibrator, makes color sorter capacity more larger and more safe.

  • Size and Shape sorting function, easy to sort out unshaped, big or small size material.

Due to camera we using is 5400 pixel RGB colorful version,so our color sorter not only can sort rice,but also beans,nuts,seeds,grain,plastic etc.any material have color difference.


Sunrise rice color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting various of rice,long grain rice,basmatic,Thai rice,pearl rice,boiled rice,the rice sorter have amazing sorting effect on yellow,light yellow,black,broken rice.sorting effect up to 99.999%.

Sunrise CCD Rice Color Sorter Features

High reliablity:Our color sorter mechanical structure is designed for reliability and stability,introducing the cooling system to improve the service life and stability of the machine,the electrical and optical design system is meant for simplicity and efficiency,the optimized system structure reduce the compexity of the color sorter,and improves the reliability.

Advanced camera image acquistion system:Color sorter using 5400 pixel high-speed high resolution linera ccd image sensor and high-precision dedicated lens to receive images,which can distinguish the heterochromatic regions of 0.02mm² accurately,using the imported LED light source that features higher brightness,longer service life,more stable quality and better performance.

Color sorter using the intelligent algorithms to implement special treatment for the large region light yellow and tiny spots,needle-size back specks improve sorting accuracy.

Color sorter using high quality solenoid valve,long service life,super low air consumption guaranteed the biggest capacity,excellent rejection output.

Excellent elimination rate(removal rate 15:1):Using advanced image acquisition system+Intelligent image algorithms+high quality rejection system ensures the excellent elimination sorting effect.

Simple optical system design,precise automatic correction system,combined with the well-designed human-machine interface to simplify the complexity of machine commissioning and use,ensure simple operation and easy to learn.

Global interconnection, mobile control: through the WIFI, 4G, wired and other ways to connect the machine and mobile terminals (mobile phones, tablets),real-time view of the machine status and debugging parameters, the operation is more simple, flexible, efficient.

Real time monitoring, upgraded service:special guard, quick response,continuous upgrade, perfect function,optimize customer experience.