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Chili Color Sorter

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Chili is a common vegetable and condiment. As it can be processed into many products, chili has a high added value and a long industrial chain. With the rapid development of the chili processing industry, more accurate chili processing products come into our eyes.

There are various chili processing methods. The quality of chili products depends on many factors like the ripeness grade and the size of chilies. Thus chilies should be selected according to different standards and then be made into different products.

Quality requirements for chili sorting

The color sorter can sort out chilies in different colors, which helps to remove chilies with white shells, spotted shells and yellow tips. The color can perform color sorting  according to customers'  requirements and remove 95% of impurities.

Sunrise can offer you many solutions for pepper color sorting, for example, separating complete chilies from and slice chilies or separating dry chilies from fresh chilies. Also, based on the color we wanted, Sunrise chili color sorter can remove bad peppers, impurities and some particles in different colors.

The chili color sorter can be used for a variety of chilies such as dry red peppers, pepper seeds, green peppers, peppers, wet peppers, fresh peppers, etc. Just one press on the button can realize the sorting by removing the pepper seeds, stems, calyx and various impurities. The color sorter liberates people from the boring sorting work.  

In addition to chili sorting, chili color sorter is capable of sorting other crops. It is economical and practical.

Example of a pepper sorting:

Example of a pepper sorting

According to different material conveying ways, chili color sorters can be divided into the chute color sorter and the crawler color sorter. For dry chili sorting, the crawler color sorter is a better choice, because it, to some extent, prevents the bounce and impact between chilies, the bounce and the impact of materials. The stable conveying helps to reduce the damage to the materials. Moreover, the color sorter is easy to operate on the computer. 

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers, the chili color sorter can greatly improve output efficiency and economic benefits.


The characteristics of Sunrise belt-type color sorter:

  • The advanced image acquisition system uses high-resolution CCD image sensors and high-precision industrial lenses to achieve clear and accurate image acquisition. The color sorter instantaneously captures the slight defects on the surface of the material. The camera automatically collects and analyzes the data. The customer can "retain" or "remove" the material with one click. The machine can automatically adjust the parameter and accomplish color sorting. And the operation is simple and accurate.

  • The stability and reliability of the whole machine are improved by using high signal-to-noise ratio sensors and circuit systems with excellent anti-interference performance.

  • The intelligent image processing algorithm can recognize the materials with different shapes, gray levels, colors, sizes and textures which successfully solves a variety of problems and maximizes the sorting accuracy. Besides, with this algorithm, the color sorter can provide customers with up to 20 color selection schemes, and truly realizes the multi-selection and multi-purpose function of one machine.

  • The color sorter has a high-quality solenoid valve. The solenoid valve has a long service life and consumes less energy. It works more than 1000 times per second to ensure the accurate elimination of impurities.

  • The color sorter is equipped with an efficient and reliable LED light source. The LED light source provides ultra-high brightness and has 130 million kinds of colors for sorting. Besides, the LED light source has a long service lifespan.

  • The operation interface of the color sorter is simple. The parameter can be reset by only one click, which simplifies the operation for customers. More than 20 kinds of color sorting modes can be switched quickly aimed at different color sorting tasks.