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Tea Color Sorter

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tea color sorter

Why tea should be sorted?

The buds of tea have young leaves and old leaves with stalks, 2 cm and 1 cm less than 1 cm. The content in the short and tender tea leaves is quick to separate out, the content in the long and fat tea leaves is slow to separate out, the golden buds are fragrant and tasteless, and the old leaves are not fragrant and astringent and bitter. This series of asynchronous precipitation makes the tea soup unable to form a standardized taste, resulting in the inability to maintain the same taste every time the tea is brewed. And if you want to pursue the best experience, you have to adjust the steeping time and the amount of tea according to the state of the tea itself (such as the ratio of large and small leaves, the state of freshness and old age, etc.), which is undoubtedly a hassle.

However, if there is grading and classification, the purpose of "quantitative, timing, and taste" can be achieved.

And it needs to meet market requirements and be convenient for blending because blending pays attention to the consistency of taste in all batches and the different control of appearance. With grading and classification, not only can the content of golden bud and silver hao be adjusted during the blending process, but also the size, length, and ratio of new, tender and old leaves can be controlled. For example, although the broken tea leaves are not suitable for brewing, it is more convenient to make tea bags and blend milk tea, and it is easy to achieve complete and rapid precipitation, which greatly improves efficiency. The sorting of tea can not only make the best use of materials to obtain more profits, but also save labour costs and improve efficiency.

Tea grade

And there are many types of tea classification. All indicate the grade of tea.

The sprout tip of tea is called a new sprout, and the more sprouts, the higher the quality of tea. According to the content of new buds and golden buds, different grades are derived from low to high. The fragrance of tea with many new buds is like the fragrance of flowers. So it will be indicated with an "F" at the beginning of the level.

  • TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

  • FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

  • STGFOP (Silver Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

  • SFTGFOP (Silver Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

However, this factor alone is not enough to classify the grades, and it needs to be classified according to the processed shape. These two evaluation criteria are combined with each other. After the tea is processed, it will take on several forms, including the following:

  • F:Fullleaf

  • B:Broken

  • F: Fannings

  • D:Dust

  • C: CTC

How does the color sorter perform tea sorting?

The tea is classified according to the size of the particles.

This means that one type of tea is suitable for brewing tea, while the other can only be used as milk tea or made into tea bags. In this way, a better price can be obtained in the market. In the past, classification was carried out only roughly when picking, to remove more obvious foreign matter such as large leaves and dead branches. The pieces of tea are too small and light in texture, and the finished tea is relatively brittle. If the tea is sorted manually, the tea will be crushed, and the fine sorting will require a lot of manpower and time.

With the color sorter, the tea can be screened in multiple dimensions by weight, size, specific gravity, etc. High-tech photoelectric mechanical equipment that uses high-definition CCD optical sensors to select tea leaves.

Selection of tea color sorter

The color sorting of tea is different from the color sorting of rice materials and miscellaneous grains. Due to the fragile and powdery characteristics of tea, the color sorting channel of the tea color sorter can only choose the belt color sorter, the purpose is to protect the tea from the color sorting. Was destroyed in the process.


When choosing a tea color sorting machine, we should consider the output, net selection rate, breakage rate, etc., and choose a suitable tea color sorting machine model according to the output of tea.

The greater the output of the color sorter, the more channels it needs, and the higher the price. The higher the net selection rate, the better the color selection effect, and the higher the quality of the tea after color selection.