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Plastic Color Sorter

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Requirements for plastic color sorting

Landfilling, incineration and recycling are the three main ways of dealing with plastic waste today. Landfilling takes up a lot of land resources, blocks and pollutes groundwater; incineration releases a lot of harmful substances when burning plastic waste; therefore recycling is the cleanest and most effective way to deal with plastic waste. Generally, plastic waste is sorted and separated, crushed and cleaned, dried and then made into regenerated plastic pellets by hot melting, drawing, cooling or granulating.

plastic pellets

Recycling plastic waste to strengthen plastic pollution control helps to facilitate the development of the plastic waste recycling industry.

For example, packages supermarkets often used to pack fruits, vegetables and eggs are PET blister sheet. Although the main material of PET blister sheet is PET, PET blister sheet and PET are slightly different in the composition, melting point and viscosity. That is why the traditional sorting technology fails to separate them. Blister sheet and PET bottles, if mixed when recycling, will affect the quality of reproduced products.

The market is becoming more and more demanding for plastic bottle production. Some customers who manufact high-end recycled PET bottles say that they are usually bothered by some light blue bottles mixed in PET bottoles they wanted as the color is too light to be recognized by naked eyes. 

plastic bottle flakes

That means a highly sophisticated equipment is need to sort the light blue bottles and PET bottles. The CCD color sorter adopts a visual recognition system with a CCD color high-speed camera to accurately sort out other impurities such as foreign-colored broken plastic flakes. The optical colour sorter is a high-tech product that combines optoelectronic technology, microelectronics, computer technology and precision machinery manufacturing technology.

The application of plastic color sorter

Optical color sorting is one of the more efficient ways to utilize the modern intelligent sorting system. Sunrise has been offering color sorters for recycling use for more than one decade. Sunrise color sorters can accurately identify polymer granules (such as plastic and rubber granules) in any color and shape, which can fulfill different requirements of customers on sorting different materials. 

The application plastic color sorter: Sort out plastic in designated colors and sizes.

plastic sorting

Example of plastic sorting:

High purity plastics need to be screened prior to the production process of plastic bottles. The purity of the PET flakes used for the production of new transparent bottles must surpass 99.99% (<100 ppm). Any bottle flakes below this purity may affect the application of the regenerated bottles.


  1. Sort out plastic flakes in the size we wanted, then from the available ones, remove the flakes in the color we do not want and remove the impurities.

  2. The sorting machine can simultaneously detect fine bottles according to their colour (including transparent) and material (e.g. PVC, miscellaneous PET, PE, PP, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, etc.) and remove impurities.

  3. Output materials: of high-purity and low take out ratio, competely meet the requirements of recycling.


Types of plastics that can be sorted

According to the material composition:

ABS Plastic, PET Plastic, PC Plastic, PP Plastic, PVC Plastic, PPO Plastic, PE Plastic, Acrylic, PE, PP, PS, PLA, PPO, PBT, POM, PMMA , fibers and other substances.

According to the type of morphology:

  • Plastic particle raw materials

  • Medical plastic raw materials

  • Plastic sheet raw materials

  • Transparent plastic particles

  • Large pieces of plastic: broken plastics for household appliances, bottle caps, etc.

Plastic sorting technology

Color sorting technology can not only be applied to grain sorting but also can be widely used in plastic sorting.

The application field of photoelectric detection and classification technology is very wide. It can be seen that photoelectric detection equipment is professional equipment for plastic sorting.

Slow track

Slow conveying, reduce the degree of crushing of material sorting

Perfect ventilation and dust removal system

Solve interference problems such as a lot of broken skin and large dust

Intelligent Algorithm

Shape, color, proportion, diversified workability, good sorting effect

Far focal length imaging

Reduce the interference of sorting dust

Adopt the leading visual recognition algorithm to realize accurate, efficient and fast sorting. At the same time, it can store hundreds of color sorting modes to meet the various needs of customers.