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Rice Color Sorter

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What Is A Rice Color Sorter?

Rice Color Sorter Will Solve Your Headache Sorting Problems

Rice AI CCD Color Sorter Machine Advantage

Sunrise CCD Rice Color Sorter Features

Work Flow Chart

Rice Sorting Examples

Video Display


What is a rice color sorter?

Before cooking the rice, wash the rice several times with clean water. Why do you do that? Naturally, it is to remove the impurities inside. Attentive friends will also notice that the previous rice contained a lot of impurities and needed to be washed a lot. Now rice basically does not need to be washed. What is going on here?

There are fewer impurities in the rice, thanks to a magical machine: the color sorter.

Sunrise rice CCD color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting rice, paddy seed, boiled rice, par-boiled rice, basmati rice, long grain rice, pearl rice, Thai rice, etc. Color sorter can separate deep yellow, light yellow, black, chalky, pinpoint, stone, plastic, stripe inside riice with very high sorting effect. And combined with size and shape sorting, our color sorter also can rejected our broken rice fro whole.

Rice Color Sorter Will Solve Your Headache Sorting Problems

Broken Grains

Broken Rice 

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.

Foreign Impurities


It recognizes the foreign impurities by color and removes them with a fast ejector.

Moldy Seeds

Moldy Seeds

5700px high-revolution cameras can find out the minimum Mildew down to 0.01mm2.

Rice AI CCD Color Sorter Machine Advantage

  • Unique self-design color sorter frame, outer looking more beautiful, simple and better working performance.

  • AI one-button intelligent processing system, makes the color sorter operation more smart and easier.

  • Remote control by mobile,computer, Pad, 4G and Wifi moderm optional.

  • 5400 CCD Sensor with 160 millions pixel have the ability to detect 130 millions colors.

  • Self-Cooling long life LED lights source system support millions background color changeble.

  • Original German Festo Magnetventil solenoid valve, Festo Air filter, Festo Rodless cylinder.

  • DC 24V Vibrator, makes color sorter capacity more larger and more safe.

  • Size and Shape sorting function, easy to sort out unshaped, big or small size material.

Due to camera we using is 5400 pixel RGB colorful version,so our color sorter not only can sort rice,but also beans,nuts,seeds,grain,plastic etc.any material have color difference.


Sunrise rice color sorter  is a new multi-purpose color sorter, which offers color selection work for sorting various of rice,long grain rice,basmatic,Thai rice,pearl rice,boiled rice,the rice sorter have amazing sorting effect on yellow,light yellow,black,broken rice.sorting effect up to 99.999%.

Rice Sorting Examples


Sunrise CCD Rice Color Sorter Features

High reliablity:Our color sorter mechanical structure is designed for reliability and stability,introducing the cooling system to improve the service life and stability of the machine,the electrical and optical design system is meant for simplicity and efficiency,the optimized system structure reduce the compexity of the color sorter,and improves the reliability.

Advanced camera image acquistion system:Color sorter using 5400 pixel high-speed high resolution linera ccd image sensor and high-precision dedicated lens to receive images,which can distinguish the heterochromatic regions of 0.02mm⊃2; accurately,using the imported LED light source that features higher brightness,longer service life,more stable quality and better performance.

Color sorter using the intelligent algorithms to implement special treatment for the large region light yellow and tiny spots,needle-size back specks improve sorting accuracy.

Color sorter using high quality solenoid valve,long service life,super low air consumption guaranteed the biggest capacity,excellent rejection output.

Excellent elimination rate(removal rate 15:1):Using advanced image acquisition system+Intelligent image algorithms+high quality rejection system ensures the excellent elimination sorting effect.

Simple optical system design,precise automatic correction system,combined with the well-designed human-machine interface to simplify the complexity of machine commissioning and use,ensure simple operation and easy to learn.

Colorful intelligent CCD Color Sorter Operation System

Global interconnection, mobile control: through the WIFI, 4G, wired and other ways to connect the machine and mobile terminals (mobile phones, tablets),real-time view of the machine status and debugging parameters, the operation is more simple, flexible, efficient.

Real time monitoring, upgraded service:special guard, quick response,continuous upgrade, perfect function,optimize customer experience.

Work Flow Chart


Customerized SMC Valve Remot Control Color Sorter

Important Components

Festo Valve Ejector Original

[Festo Valve Ejector Original]

ccd color sorter 5400 pixel camera sensor and lens using

[CCD color sorter 5400 pixel camera sensor and lens using]

Video Display


Maintenance of rice channel of rice color sorter

When cleaning the rice channel, please do not use hard objects or sharp objects to touch the rice channel to prevent scratching the rice channel. For surface dust, you can use an air gun to clean the dust.The dust sticking to the rice path can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth, or wiped with a cotton cloth wrapped in smooth chopsticks that have been used for a long time.

Maintenance and replacement of cleaning brush

The cleaning brush must be replaced and calibrated regularly, usually three times a month, otherwise, the cleaning quality will be affected. If there is a large accumulation of glass dust in the sorting room, it will affect the color selection effect.

Whether there is dust in the glass of the sorting room

There is dust on the glass of the sorting room. You can use a cotton cloth to wipe it or dip a little alcohol on the cotton cloth to wipe it. Before wiping, you can remove the rice selection plate of the color sorter for easy wiping. It must be done when the air valve is closed.

Touch screen maintenance When cleaning the touch screen of the color sorter, you can use a soft cotton cloth to wipe lightly, or use an air gun to blow the surface dust. Do not use the air gun to blow directly on the surface of the touch screen to avoid excessive force on the surface to damage the touch screen.