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Garlic Color Sorter

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Garlic is a common seasoning in people's daily life and has a good sterilization effect.

During the hoarding and transportation, garlic may dry out, go bad, or grow sprouts, which troubles a lot of people engaged in garlic selling and processing. To ensure the quality of the products, bad garlic should be removed.

Bad garlic usually refers to garlic that is yellowed, sprouted or roasted. Bad garlic, losing its flavor and health benefits, should be sorted to ensure the quality of the processed products.

Garlic 1 Garlic 2 Garlic 3

Manual sorting is the traditional method to pick out fine garlic. However, it is less efficient and much labor-costing, hence, fails to meet the requirement of mass production. The advert of the color sort brought a great change. With the help of electrooptical technology, the color sorter can sort out the materials you wanted and remove a total of 95% the impurity.

Points to note when sorting out the garlic

  1. Use belt-type color sorters. Garlic skins are too brittle to bear the impact. The belt can serve as the buffer and reduce the impact, hence, reduce the damage to garlic. For the same reason, the vertical color sorter is not recommended.

  2. Replace the chute regularly in a sorting process. It's possible that the garlic get broken and the juice spatters on the chute surface. The juice left will make the chute become sticky, affecting the sorting effect.

  3. Regular maintenance. If the sorter is used for dry garlic sorting, you should clean the machine every 2 or 3 days; for fresh garlic sorting, you'd better do the cleaning once a day.

The function of the garlic color sorter.

The garlic color sorter can be used to sort fresh and dry garlic, garlic bulbs and garlic cloves, garlic with broken skin and garlic that is moldy inside, and garlic in different sizes. The garlic color sorter is also capable of sorting out other materials like rice, mixed grains, seeds and beans. The Sunrise color sorter can sort out as much in one hour as a day of manual work. The color sorter emancipates workers from the boring sorting work and greatly boosts productivity and economic efficiency, especially for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Case example:

Garlic clove sorting

Garlic clove sorting

The characteristics of Sunrise belt-type color sorter:

  • The high-resolution CCD image sensors and high-precision industrial lenses used in the advanced image acquisition system help to capture clear and accurate images of the material. Even the slight defects on the surface fail to escape from the camera. Data collecting and analyzing will be accomplished automatically and instantaneously. With only one click can the customer"retain" or "remove" the material.

  • With high signal-to-noise ratio sensors and anti-interference circuit systems, the stability and reliability of the whole machine are improved.

  • The intelligent image processing algorithm can recognize the materials with different shapes, gray levels, colors, sizes and textures which successfully solves a variety of problems and maximizes the sorting accuracy. Besides, with this algorithm, 20 more color sorting solutions are ready for you, truly realizing the multi-selection and multi-purpose function in one machine.

  • The color sorter has an efficient, reliable and long-lasting LED light source. The LED light source provides ultra-high brightness and has 130 million kinds of colors for sorting. Besides, the LED light source has a long service lifespan.

  • The color sorter is equipped with a high-quality solenoid valve. The solenoid valve has a long service life and consumes less energy. It works more than 1000 times per second to ensure the accurate elimination of impurities.

  • The operation interface of the color sorter is quite simple that the parameter resetting can be achieved with only one click. More than 20 kinds of color sorting modes can be switched quickly aimed at different color sorting tasks.