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What Is Color Sorter Machine?

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The colour sorter machine may be a high tech multi-commodity sorting machines that meet and fulfils the necessity of the food processing industry. Sunrise being within the industry for quite 100 years and serving the simplest to the industry within the colour sorting field. the most recent rice colour sorter of our corporation is a complicated product which is meant and developed after researching the various quiet products.

Sunrise has been manufacturing and supplying Color Sorters as a pioneer inventor of technology for sorting Rice, Wheat, Grains, Cereals, Pulses/Lentils, Cashew, Peanuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Paddy Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Coconut Flakes, PET Flakes, Maize, Guar Gum, Poppy Seeds, Semolina, Nuts, Tea, Coffee and Plastic Flakes and other commodities of comparable nature.

Colour sorting machines are integrated with high-end Optics with precision electronics that mixes embedded system with Digital Image Technique perfectly. Colour sorting may be a solution for separating unwanted contamination and foreign material from good material supported colour and sort.

The Colour sorting machine depends upon the principle of differentiating the colour of foreign material from the great one by using advanced CCD or High-resolution sensors which use the image capturing process to see these unwanted/discoloured or defected grains. The defects are removed at high speeds of even 10 T/H successfully with no human interface required.

How Does the Colour Sorter MachineWork?

The staple enters the machine from the highest hopper/storage hopper. Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the staple slides down the channel accelerate down into the observation zone within the sorting cabinet and pass between the sensor and therefore the background plate. Under the action of the LED light, consistent with the intensity and colour change of the sunshine, the output of the system is driven to drive the solenoid valve to blow the heterochromatic particles into the waste outlet hopper, and therefore the accepted material continues to fall to the finished product cavity of the acceptation outlet hopper. to realize the aim of colour sorting.

The Types of A Colour Sorter Machine

The Color Sorter uses technology and lighting to get rid of impure grains from the input on the idea of their colour, instead of on the idea of their length or weight. Our colour sorting machines are equipped with several features like auto sorting control systems, image capturing systems capable of storing up to 100+ profiles to enable our customers to change settings to suit their specifications, and a top-quality ejector system to watch the standard of the output. The usage of anodized chutes for the passage of input grains prevents the blockage of the system, ensuring the graceful flow of grain.

We have many types of colour sorter machine:

Chute Colour Sorter

Common within the food industry, chute colour sorting machinery is well-suited to production lines where high capacity runs are the norm. Equally, the planning of a chute sorter means optical sensors mounted on all sides of the chute are often used simultaneously to detect imperfections on each side of a private product. for instance, it's going to be the case that a nut is processed after dehulling that has some remaining hull on only one side. One downside of chute colour sorters is that individual items are often broken or damaged on passage through the chute, which may hurt wastage. It’s therefore important to work out whether this may be a problem for your particular product run.


Belt Colour Sorter

A belt-type colour sorter operates on a conveyer belt, with items being sorted by colour/suitability siphoned into different silos as they travel by the sensor. there's less risk of breakage with belt colour sorters because the product stays relatively static. After all, it moves smoothly along the belt, preventing damage from bouncing, collision or friction.


Optical Colour Sorter

Optical sorting uses cameras and/or lasers to automatically sort products. alongside colour sorting, optical sorters also can recognise size, shape, structure, and even chemical composition. it's a particularly efficient inspection method, completely non-destructive and with a 100% inspection rate. Parameters for sorting are programmed manually, making it simple to regulate parameters to suit different production runs. Optical sorting easily removes defective products and foreign bodies from the road, and may simultaneously or separately sort products into different grades, colours, etc.

The Advantages of Colour Machine

Sunrise can provide an optical colour sorter range which consists of cost-effective, high capacity, machines featuring the newest full-colour RGB (Red, Green, Blue) technology. Intelligent and intuitive software and versatile configurations make it perfectly fitted to medium and enormous commercial use.

  • Unique self-design colour sorter frame, outer looking more beautiful, simple and better working performance.

  • AI one-button intelligent processing system makes the colour sorter operation smarter and easier.

  • Remote control by mobile, computer, Pad, 4G and Wifi modem optional.

  • 5400 CCD Sensor with 160 million pixels has the power to detect 130 million colours.

  • Self-Cooling long-life LED lights source system support many background colour changeable.

  • Original German Festo Magnetventil solenoid valve, Festo air cleaner, Festo Rodless cylinder.

  • Size and Shape sorting function, easy to mapped out unshaped, big or small size material.

  • Due to the camera, we used maybe a 5400 pixel RGB colourful version, so our colour sorter not only can sort rice but also beans, nuts, seeds, grain, plastic etc. any material has colour difference.

  • Sunrise rice colour sorter may be a new multi-purpose colour sorter, which offers colour selection work for sorting various of rice, long grain rice, basmati, Thai rice, pearl rice, boiled rice, the rice sorter have a tremendous sorting effect on yellow, light yellow, black, broken rice. sorting effect up to 99.999%.

The Difference of  Chute-Type Color Sorter and Belt-Type Color Sorter

Colour sorters are machines that make sorting very efficient and effective. We sell two main categories of colour sorters:

Chute-type colour sorters

Belt-type colour sorters

Both types are wont to sort material supported size, shape, and colour. Additional cameras are often installed for more specialized sorting.

If you'd wish to learn their main differences, I even have an easy comparison table for your reference below.


Chute-Type Colour Sorter

Chute-Type Colour Sorter


Sort materials based on optical differences

Sort materials based on optical differences


  1. Capability is limited because of construction

  2. Expensive because of lower demand

  1. 1 to 12 Chutes are customizable

  2. Cost-effective as we have scaled up to meet demand

Conveyor Devices

Horizontal conveyor belt

Chute with a specific angle


  1. Dry and wet materials

  2. Size range: 1mm-100mm

  3. All materials that chute-type can do

  4. Wet Materials: fruit like apples, oranges, blueberry, strawberry

  5. Light Materials: small seafood

  6. Fragile Materials: potato chips

  7. Irregularly shaped materials.

  1. Dry material only

  2. Size range: 1mm-100mm

  3. Grain

  4. Agriculture seeds

  5. Dehydrated fruit and vegetable and more

Required Accessories

Air Compressor

Air tank

Air filter and dryer

Work platform(optional)

Bucket Elevator

Air Compressor

Air tank

Air filter and dryer

Work platform(required)

Bucket Elevator


If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of colour sorter machine. Then you've come to the proper place.

Hefei Co-Brother International Trade Co, Ltd, maybe a professional manufacturer based in China, who is engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service of CCD colour sorting equipment.

At present, our colour sorters can sort rice, beans, coffee beans, sesame, sunflower seeds, raisins, plastic. to satisfy the requirements of worldwide clients, we also build a sorter machine that supported the particular needs of your processing plant, providing an entire set of design, installation and technical training services for whoever needs advanced sorting solutions. We had been dedicated to the progress of food safety and quality of commercial products, also offer solutions of recycling processing line like plastic, coal, metal, electric recycling. So far, our high-quality solutions for colour sorter and recycle area products are exported to over 20 countries with a high reputation from the customer's side.