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The wheat harvest of Pinellia ternata in full swing

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At present, north, Huang Huai Hai the wheat producing provinces have been put in the sickle, the wheat kuaqujishou work from south to north of advance echelon. "Summer production reached a climax. As of June 9th 17, the winter wheat harvest 195 million 460 thousand acres, more than 50% of the sown area of summer wheat, more than half of the progress. The investment combines 473 thousand Taiwan, on 23 million 980 thousand acres of wheat harvest, harvest ratio reached 89%.

This massive wheat kuaqujishou since the start of May 27th, overall progress smoothly. , June 7 - 9, the wheat harvesting area for three days in a row more than 23 million mu, one-day harvesting equipment put on the amount and days of harvesting wheat area are high, progress has accelerated noticeably. Among them, Sichuan, Hubei province wheat harvest has come to an end; Anhui received wheat 3952 million mu, progress over Jiucheng; Henan has harvested wheat 6884 million mu, progress over eighty percent; Jiangsu received wheat 16.65 million acres, half schedule; Shaanxi has harvested wheat 615 million mu, progress nearly four percent; Shandong has harvested wheat in 1392 million mu, progress over two percent; Hebei, Shanxi Wheat Harvest progress too a.

Agricultural Mechanization departments at all levels earnestly wheat kuaqujishou each organization management and technical service work, free distribution of 34 million copies cross operating license. " Organizing market supply and demand docking, strengthen information guidance, and promote the orderly flow of combine harvester. The wheat producing areas were set up 3234 kuaqujishou reception service station, has effectively safeguarded the "summer" during the operation order. This year, more than 3 units around the new combine harvester, more than 5 kg of feed capacity of high performance equipment, operating efficiency and job quality significantly improved. The major wheat producing areas, vigorously promote the use of straw crushing and returning to field, picking up and bundling, agricultural mechanization technology, combined with sparse block, to promote the use of straw resources, clean. Agricultural cooperatives have become the main force of the "summer production, to further improve the degree of organization of cross regional work.


Rush in the harvest of wheat at the same time, summer maize sowing work started immediately, the agricultural sector vigorously promote wheat harvesting, straw processing, corn sowing mechanization mode of operation, and strive to "mature acres, harvest acres, planting the seeds of a Mu", summer harvest, summer is synchronized. As of June 9th, the country has been put into the seeding machine station, completed 78 million 200 thousand acres of summer corn sowing. According to the weather forecast, the next 5 days most of North China, Huang Huai, northwest area most continuing fine weather, to mature late winter wheat harvest and drying. Department of agriculture requirements throughout the agricultural sector to carry forward the continuous fighting style of work, strengthen the responsibility to act, cogent accomplish "Two Musts": one is must speed up progress of the "summer", to strengthen the machine scheduling, go all out grab fine rush in the harvest, rush rush, the summer grain harvest in sight "into" harvest hand ", while the autumn meet with and for the annual grain production to lay a good foundation. The two is to maintain the "summer" production order. To strengthen the departments, continue to do a good job in the trans regional operation of locomotive traffic grooming, meteorological services, supply maintenance and production safety work, together for the "summer production escort.