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Reasons and precautions for using color sorter

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Nowadays, more and more users like to use color sorting machines to select agricultural products, which makes color sorting machines very popular. Why do companies like to use color sorters? What should I pay attention to when using a color sorter? Let ’s take a look together.

Why use a color sorter

1. Product homogenization is serious, and quality attracts traffic.

The development of science and technology has provided us with many conveniences and provided us with many choices. The phenomenon of homogenization of products has become more and more intense, and people's consumption habits have gradually changed. In terms of product experience, consumers are paying more and more attention to quality issues, and the pursuit of products is no longer satisfied with its basic functions. For example, in the agricultural products before the appearance of the color sorting machine, there is no special device for sorting good products, which will cause impurities such as defective particles or harmful substances to be mixed in, which will affect the safety of the product. With the addition of a color sorting machine, impurities can be removed and the quality of grain products can be greatly improved, which is more conducive to human health and tastes more delicious. From the perspective of consumers, spending money is not only on food, but also on enjoyment and health. Of course, when it comes to the same product, they are more willing to choose a higher quality, even if the price is more expensive.

2. Product safety has become the mainstream of the times, and human beings need better products

Product safety has always been a human demon, and all technological developments are ultimately aimed at improving people's quality of life, including health and safety. Today, every country in the world, in order to ensure the safety of products, has its own set of quality inspection standards. No matter how the product functions are refurbished, there is no doubt that the inspection standards for product quality will only get higher and higher. For enterprises to develop for a long time, they must constantly optimize product quality. The color sorter exists to provide people with more secure and reliable products.


color sorter

Precautions for use of color sorter

The color sorter is a high-tech product, which is a kind of precision instrument. Its high price is also inevitable, so you should pay attention to some problems in the process of use. In general, after the engineer has installed and debugged the door, it can be used normally. Just perform normal maintenance.

In the application of the color sorter, it may encounter unstable performance and require frequent maintenance and re-commissioning. This is mostly caused by the low stability of the optical system composed of the light source, background and imaging system of the color sorter. Especially for equipment using simple optical systems.

In addition, there are a lot of dust and dust in the application environment, and the vibration and interference are also large. Changes in temperature will affect the working state of the color sorter, causing inaccurate detection signals or changes in the delay time to control the opening of the high-pressure gas valve. This affects the accuracy of the action of blowing impurities. In addition, the matching degree of the process and material problems will have a certain impact on the effect of color selection.

Use industrial color sorting machine reasonably and safely, the life of color sorting machine will be longer, and the high-quality effect will be kept longer. Learn to maintain the machine.

The above is the introduction of the reasons and precautions for the use of the color sorter. I hope everyone will understand the reasons and precautions for the use of the color sorter, which will be helpful to everyone.