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How to Choose the Best Colour Sorter Machine?

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The Brief Introduction to Colour Sorter Machine

Colour sorter machines or color sorter machines are high-tech devices that are usually used in the industries of distribution, food processing, plastic waste management, and many other industries. In layman's terms, colour sorter machines can separate items by their colors or shapes.

The Importance of Choosing A Good Colour Sorter

Choosing a good colour sorter machine is very important. Some colour sorter machine manufacturers have defects in the production, inspection, and installation due to immature technical. But if a colour sorter supplier is not professional enough, you will meet different problems during the use. For example, in the grain or other agricultural products industry, the nozzle of the colour sorter machine can be easy to block due to different shapes, different rates of impurities, and material dust.

How to Choose the Best Colour Sorter Machine?

Clarify your needs

You should be clear about what materials you want to sort, how much capacity you need per day, and how much you want to spend on the colour sorter machines.

Types of Colour sorter machine

In general, the colour sorter machine can be divided into two types: chute-type colour sorter and belt-type colour sorter.

  • Chute-type colour sorter: It is more cost-effective than a belt-type colour sorter. Chute-type colour sorter is more suitable for the food industry. Chute-type colour sorters are usually suitable for specific materials as they have different channels for different materials.

  • Belt-type colour sorter: It is applicable to process a small percentage of raw materials. The belt structure makes the materials smooth to slide on.

The colour sorter machine can also be divided into rice colour sorter, grain colour sorter, plastic colour sorter, and so on according to different applications. The Colour sorter machine can also be divided into the optical color sorter and CCD color sorter based on different technology.

The Performance of Colour Sorter Machine

  • Processing capacity: It is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the color sorter machine. The processing capacity means the amount of material that can be handled per hour. And the processing capacity is mainly affected by the movement speed of the servo system, the speed of the conveyor belt, and the purity of the raw materials.

  • Selection rate: It is also the main technical indicator to measure whether the colour sorter machine is good or not. The selection rate refers to the percentage of impurities picked from the raw materials. The selection accuracy is affected by the speed of the conveyor and the purity of the raw materials.

  • Take-out ratio: It refers to the ratio of impurities in the waste selected by the colour sorter machine to the number of raw materials. The take-out ratio should be set at a proper setting. If it is too high, it can affect the processing capacity and selection rate of the colour sorter machine.

Choose the Right Colour Sorter Machine Manufacturer

You should choose the right colour sorter machine according to your raw materials. Different materials have different colors and shapes. To achieve the best effect, the configuration and algorithm should be set with different parameters because of different materials. So, choose the colour sorter machine manufacturer that can provide customized services. Do not choose a universal colour sorter.

There are so many color sorter machine suppliers on the market and you should take care to choose a reliable manufacturer. If you want to import the products from China, it is advisable to find a manufacturer located in Heifei, Anhui. Hefei has a long history to develop color sorters and it boasts enough talents and mature technology.

What's more, try to choose those well-known colour sorter machine manufacturers such as Tomra, Bühler Group, Japan Satake, and Sunrise. These manufacturers have enough experience and can guarantee product quality and excellent services.

A color sorter is a precision machine, and in the application, color sorters in a production line are operating around the clock. If you import the machines from other countries and the machine cannot work, you need to contact the manufacturer to quickly solve the problem. If the maintenance of the color sorter machine is not timely, it will inevitably cause heavy loss. The after-sale service is very essential when choosing the right colour sorter machine and reliable suppliers will provide remote repair and maintenance services.


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