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Everything you need to know about the mini color sorter

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Mini Color Sorter is a device for sorting mixed particles by color. It is usually used in food processing, agricultural product processing, plastic recycling and other industries. It can separate objects of different colors and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Mini Color Sorter

Mini Color Sorter

The working principle of the Mini Color Sorter is to detect colors through optical sensors, and use airflow or electromagnetic force to separate objects of different colors. Specifically, the mixed particles enter the sorting machine through a conveyor belt or a vibrator, and then irradiated by a light source, the photoelectric sensor will respond quickly and analyze each tiny particle.

After that, the control system will assign a "color value" to each particle according to the preset parameters, and judge its category according to this value. Finally, the objects are separated for subsequent production or reuse.

In general, the Mini Color Sorter is a high-tech device that can automatically sort objects and is widely used in various industries.

Types of mini color sorter

There are many different types of Mini Color Sorters on the market. Below I will analyze several common types:

Multilayer Color Sorter

It usually includes two or more levels, and the grain passes through the vibrating device of each level, so that the broken impurities and foreign particles are separated from it. During the sorting process, particles of different colors are separated into different outlets.

Multilayer Color Sorter

Multilayer Color Sorter

Chute-Type Color Sorter

It uses a chute-like design that slides material from above into a long, narrow bucket-shaped channel. In this channel, the material is detected and sorted in a single row by sensors and cameras. Any defective impurities and substandard particles are excluded.

Chute-Type Color Sorter

Chute-Type Color Sorter

Belt-Type Color Sorter

It uses a conveyor belt to transport the material and detects and sorts it while it is being conveyed. Cameras and sensors are installed on the conveyor belt, which can capture images of materials in real time and process the data. Defective impurities and substandard particles are automatically removed.

Belt-Type Color Sorter

Belt-Type Color Sorter

To sum up, different models of Mini Color Sorter have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the specific selection needs to be determined according to actual production needs and budget.

Application field of mini color sorter

The mini color sorting machine is mainly suitable for industries such as grain, food processing, seeds, chemicals, plastics, etc. All these industries need to sort and screen raw materials to remove impurities and particles that do not meet the standards.

In agriculture, the mini color sorter can help farmers sort out unqualified products such as redundant crop residues, heterogeneous seeds, shrunken corn, and rotten fruits, so as to ensure the quality of food and crops and improve market competitiveness.

In the food processing industry, the mini color sorter can effectively remove foreign matter, seaweed, rock, glass and other impurities in food, ensure food safety and quality, and can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition, in the seed, chemical, plastic and other industries, the mini color sorter can also play a big role, thereby improving product quality and reducing production costs.

The future of mini color sorter

With the development of science and technology and people's higher and higher requirements for product quality, the market prospect of small color sorting machines in the future is very broad. The following is what I think the possible development trend of mini color sorter in the future:

1. More intelligent: With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the mini color sorting machine will become more intelligent. Using advanced algorithms and deep learning technology, it can detect and sort out unqualified products more accurately.

2. Higher efficiency: With the upgrade of sensors and cameras, the mini color sorter can process a large amount of data more quickly, and through automatic operation, it can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

3. More diversification: With the increase of market demand, more types of mini color sorting machines will gradually be developed to meet the needs of different industries and products. For example, it can be customized according to the characteristics of different particle sizes and shapes; it is also possible to have an integrated sorting machine with functions such as cleaning and drying.

4. More environmentally friendly: With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the mini color sorter also needs to develop in a more environmentally friendly direction, using more energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and technologies to reduce the impact of production on the environment.

In short, the mini color sorter has broad market prospects and development space in the future, and it will become an important tool to improve product quality, reduce production costs and enhance competitiveness.

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