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Do You Know The Working Of The Colour Sorter Machine

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This kind of colour sorter machine is high-tech multi-commodity sorting equipment, which can meet and exceed the standards of any food processing industry.

Colour sorting machines have high-end optics and precision electronics, resulting in a perfect blend of embedded systems and digital image techniques. Colour sorting could be a helpful way to separate unwanted contamination and foreign material from excellent stuff that has been color-coded and sorted.

This color sorter machine is being researched, promoted, and solutions developed by Hefei Co-Brother International Trade Co. Ltd. They are committed to improving food safety and the quality of industrial products, and they also provide recycling processing line solutions such as plastic, coal, metal, and electric recycling.

Working principle and the process of colour sorter

The CCD colour sorter's working concept is to take photos of the material to identify its colour depth and light transmittance, compare the amplitude of the light change, and eject the material whose amplitude exceeds the predetermined value.

As your colour sorter will start, the materials available within the feeding hopper will get distributed evenly to each of the channels by the vibrator. The CCD camera in the sorting chamber detects the falling materials.

In case, any impurities or unqualified materials are found then the main control machine will energize the spray valve, which will then blow them into the defective hopper.

How can a colour sorter benefit your business?


This product is appropriate for tea, sesame, beans, rice, seeds, raisins, peanut, pepper, plastic, ore, and other colour sorting fields in the agricultural, grain, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

High productivity

A colour sorter machine is labour-saving, time-saving, high-efficiency, and low-processing-cost compared to human sorting. It may drastically enhance material correctness, resulting in economic and social benefits for consumers all over the world.

The following are a few different types of colour sorter machines:

Chute Colour Sorter

Chute colour sorting technology is common in the food sector and is well-suited to production lines with high capacity runs. Similarly, the design of a chute sorter typically necessitates the employment of optical sensors installed on all sides of the chute at the same time to detect defects on each side of a private product.

It is possible for example that a nut is processed after dehulling, but only has some hull left on one side. This type of colour sorter machine is a high-tech multi-commodity sorting system that can meet or exceed food processing industry standards.

Belt Colour Sorter

A belt-type colour sorter uses a conveyer belt to sort things by color/suitability, which are then syphoned into different silos as they pass by the sensor. As the product remains relatively steady, there is less chance of breaking with colour belt sorters.

After all, it glides down the belt without causing harm due to bouncing, collision, or friction.

Optical Colour Sorter

Optical sorting sorts products automatically using cameras and/or lasers. Optical sorters can recognise size, shape, structure, and even chemical composition in addition to colour.

It is a highly effective inspection procedure that's completely non-destructive and yields a 100% inspection rate. Sorting settings are manually pre-set, making it simple to adjust them to fit different production runs.