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Color sorter knowledge

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The ccd color sorter color sorting machine is a device that automatically sorts out the heterochromatic particles in the granular material by means of photoelectric detection technology according to the difference in optical properties of the material. Currently, color sorters are used in the field of bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality testing and grading.

Color sorter can be used in agricultural grain, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for tea, sesame, beans, melon seeds, raisins, small yellow rice, jasmine, glass, plastic, cinder, ore, peanuts, cottonseed, The selection of enamel, pepper and other colors has brought great convenience to the enterprise and provided users with more precise services.

Compared with manual selection, the color sorter saves labor, saves time, has high efficiency, and has low processing cost. Improve the quality, economic and social benefits of selected products.

Among them, the color control machine accessories electronic control system has four major functions:

1. The output contact has a large capacity, and an expansion module is added as an actuator for controlling the start and stop of feeding, the start and stop of the background plate adjustment, the start and stop of the jet valve work, cleaning, according to different color selection states. , combine the lights.

2. The signal and the separating board pick up the signal of the front board, and provide the signal to the main control board, and then the main control board transmits the waveform to the touch screen, and the signal and the separating board perform the operation judgment according to the control data transmitted from the main control board, The gas valve drive plate and the light plate provide signals, and the gas valve drive plate drives the gas valve to remove the heterochromatic particles.

3. The feeding plate drives the vibrating feeder to adjust the feeding amount; the motor driving plate drives the background plate adjusting system to adjust the background light of the Zhongrui microvision photoelectric box to adapt to different materials.

4. The valve driving plate is an actuator that drives the air valve to remove the waste.