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Color Sorting Machines: Advantages and Applications

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Color sorting machines, also known as the color sorter machines and color sorters, are designed to separate different items by their colors. They can help divert items whose colors are not in the proper color ranges or separate desired items from the rest. It is widely applied in the food industry and agricultural industry as well as many other industries to meet different needs.

Color sorting machines are mainly composed of a hopper, vibrating feeder, light source, background plate, outlet hopper, nozzle, filter, and so on.

color sorting machines working principle

What is the purpose of color sorting machines?

The machine is used for the quality detection and classification of bulk items. Color sorting machines can be used in different industries as they can achieve uniform color and shape to ensure the quality of products.

Color sorting machines work by scanning at a high speed and removing the impurities. The sorting process can be generally divided into two parts: accepted (which can be used) and rejected (which are removed and used for other purposes).

Why is color sorting technology necessary in different industries?

Before the color sorting process, many materials are not pure and the main purpose of color sorting technology is to select quality materials. One is rejected and the other is accepted. Color sorting technology is very necessary. Take the food industry, for instance, the color sorting technology can effectively reduce the risk of contamination and foreign materials. Color sorting machines can help effectively detect and remove foreign items, blemishes, unwanted items, and defective items.

5 Advantages of Color Sorters


Color sorters are very powerful as they can process rice, coffee, wheat, plastic, peanut, beans, and many other materials. The machine can be applied in a wide range of industries such as farming, food, chemical, and other areas.


With advanced technology, color sorters have totally changed the quality of different items. Manufacturers can never worry about the quality of their products and sell their products with confidence.


Color sorters are automatic machines that can reduce labor costs and management expenditure. It can also avoid human error and improve efficiency.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Color sorters are large machines that can be invested for once time and used for a long time. But it needs well operation and maintenance.


Color sorter machines have advanced computer control system and it is easy to operate. Workers can take good command of it after a short period of training.

Color Sorting Machines Applications

Food Industry

Color sorters can be divided into different types according to different applications. They can be applied in the food processing industry such as coffee, nuts, vegetables, and tea. These color sorting machines can also be called coffee color sorter, nut color sorter, and tea sorter machine. The purpose of color sorting machines in the food industry is to separate discolored, toxic, and unripe. Compared to manual sorting, color sorting machines have high efficiency and low cost.

Agriculture Industry

The color sorters in the agriculture industry are mainly used to classify grains and the rice color sorter machine is the most popular. The rice sorter usually adopts advanced CCD optical sensors to separate rice according to its color of it. Color sorters can also be used in other areas such as wheat, corn, peanuts, and beans.

Diamond and Mining Industry

In the diamond industry, the transparency of the diamond is measured by the color sorter and the machine can help remove the impurities in order to sort high-quality and pure diamonds.

In the mining industry, color sorting technology can also be called sensor-based sorting technology. And this technology can remove the impurities of ore, minerals, and stones.

Recycling Industry

Color sorting machines can separate colorless and colored plastic, for example, they can separate flakes by color.