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Buying Guide of color sorter machine

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How to choose color sorter machine?

When you want to select colour sorter, you should base on your needs. The same business each color sorter appearance may not be very different, but must not use the rice color sorter for ore sorting. If the grain machine or modified machine in the application of ore site production will be serious damage to the chute, light path destroyed serious, long-term cumulative deformation and other problems. So first of all in the machine type selection should choose the right type of color sorter.

The types of color sorting machine: 

  • chute-type color sorter

  • belt-type color sorter

Belt-type color sorter uses the belt for transmission, smooth and stable, not only to reduce the collision of material see, protect the material and reduce breakage. Suitable for the more difficult to select, easy to break tea and other materials. The chute is suitable for common materials. To increase the efficiency, there are two and three layers of color sorters available.

Clarify your needs:

  1. According to the processing volume of your company's products, determine how many tons of color sorters need to be processed in one hour?

  2. What price can the company probably accept and what is its budget?

  3. What are the requirements for the purity of the product?

Choose machinery according to the materials you need to sort. Seemingly the same machinery, there are differences in sorting different materials.

According to the material type, the color sorting machine includes:

  • rice color sorter

  • seed color sorter

  • tea color sorter

  • grain color sorter

  • corn color sorter

  • Ore color sorter

  • chili color sorter

  • wheat color sorter

  • plastic color sorter

  • metal color sorter

  • garlic color sorter

  • bean color sorter

  • lentil color sorter

  • coffee bean color sorter

  • peanut color sorter

  • salt color sorter

  • sesame color sorter

  • soya color sorter

How many Channels do I need?

After determining the machine type, you also need to choose the appropriate output size machine according to your own production scale.

For example:

  • Rice color sorter: The smallest single-channel color sorter has an output of 500 kg/h, and the highest output is a 12-channel color sorter with an output of 14000 kg/h.

  • Tea color sorter: The smallest single-channel color sorter has an output of 100 kg/h, and the highest output is a 12-channel color sorter with an output of 4000 kg/h.

  • Ore color sorter: The smallest single-channel color sorter has an output of 500 kg/h, and the highest output is a 12-channel color sorter with an output of 30,000 kg/h.

The larger the output of a single color sorter, the more channels it needs, and the higher the price.

How to judge the quality of the colour sorter machine?

The Core building blocks of the colour sorter 

  1. Optical system, mainly used to identify and distinguish the good and bad material and grade. The high-quality optical CCD camera is so important.

  2. Electrical control system, responsible for issuing instructions for sorting, directly affects the accuracy of sorting.

  3. Feeding system, feeding system mainly consists of three parts: hopper, vibrator and chute. One of the most important parts is the choice of the chute, the material of the chute will affect the degree of wear and tear of the sorted products and the service life of the chute, which in turn affects the production efficiency.

  4. The sorting system, after receiving the command from the electronic control system, the spray valve will blow the defective material into the inferior product slot to achieve the sorting effect. The quality of the sorter valve affects the service life, especially for mass production, the injection sorter valve is not as durable as the alloy sorter valve, easy to overload and burn.

  5. Ease of use of color sorter software is so important, the use of the operating system needs to be simple and clear.

The configuration of the machine will affect the effectiveness of the use of the machine, where these impact parameters must be understood.

Selection rate 

The calculation of the selection rate is the ratio of the selected heterochromatic grains to the heterochromatic grains before entering the machine.

The main role of the color sorter in the fine rice processing is to select the different-color grain (color grain, powder grain, glutinous rice grain, stone, glass, etc.). Therefore, the different-color grain selection rate is one of the main technical indicators to evaluate the performance of color sorting machine.

Take-out ratio

Take-out ratio refers to the proportion of good rice (good product) in the selected products, which is generally expressed as inferior, finished or good products.

Take-out ratio refers to the proportion of good rice (good product) in the selected product, which is generally expressed as inferior product, finished product or good product. That is, each spray out of a grain of inferior products brought out how many grains of good products, for the color selection machine without re-election, only after a selection will be separated from the different color grains, so the take-out ratio may be higher, and with the re-election of the color selection machine, the second selection of a selected inferior products, so that the selected products in the good products reduced, the take-out ratio significantly reduced. Under normal circumstances, with a high ratio is mainly caused by a high sense, sometimes to strengthen the selection rate of the color sorter, then adjust the sensitivity, increase the number of solenoid valve injection, will appear with a significantly higher than the situation. It should be noted that, for the evaluation of the ratio, are in a certain selection rate under the conditions. Selection rate is high, with a low ratio, indicating that the color sorter selection performance is good. Generally speaking, the ratio should not exceed 1:1, and the high ratio will affect the rice yield of fine rice.


The sensitivity index of the color sorter, generally in the contract indicators are not clearly specified, only in the equipment selection or selection of suppliers as one of the conditions. The higher the selection rate of the color sorter, the higher the sensitivity of the color sorter, rather than just rely on increased sensitivity to complete. In addition, can also be judged from the size of the damage to the grain of fine rice to determine the size of the damage. This is mainly determined by the pixels of the color sorter CCD.


Color sorter in normal working conditions, the material with a stable speed in the chute decline, and the selection of a different color particles, through the CCD identification, signal feedback, separation and other processes, these processes are completed automatically in an instant, is not controlled by people. Therefore, the requirements of the color sorter should have a certain degree of stability and automation, in any case, to ensure continuous operation, to ensure that when the lighting continues to darken, the equipment automatically adjusts to ensure that the selection rate remains unchanged. In the material conditions change, through the operator's reasonable adjustment, can still ensure a certain range of sorting rate remains unchanged, low accident rate, long life of wearing parts.

Notes for purchase

Communicate clearly with the manufacturer whether it can be personalized and modified. Color sorter is optical, mechanical and electrical integrated equipment, after the purchase of replacement parts are not recommended to modify to try to improve performance and meet certain needs. The process of frequent replacement will produce a decline in the sorting effect, especially after it is put into use, the replacement needs to be carried out by the manufacturer, which will break the continuity of normal production.

The necessity of sample experiment

It is recommended that when purchasing a color sorter, you can bring or mail your own product samples to experiment on the spot, to be able to most directly see the effect of use. And can be the most intuitive learning how to debug when sorting, in-depth understanding of the structure of the equipment, software, performance and practicality. Convenient for future skilled operation.

After an in-depth analysis of the product, the price is also an important factor in the decision to purchase, while the cost performance, after-sales service is also of paramount importance. The purchase of a product is not delivered even if completed, the purchase is not only the product and service, the subsequent use of guidance, maintenance is also a key factor affecting the production of continuous. Therefore, the purchase of what color sorter, according to their production scale and comprehensive service to carry out a cost-effective analysis to choose.

How to import color sorter machine from China?

The process of purchasing color sorter machine from China

  1. Consult with sales manager of your detail requirements.

  2. Choose the right model color sorter machine according to suggestment from the factory.

  3. Making sorting line drawings based on customer factory situation.

  4. Sign detailed contract.

  5. Make the payment according to Profroma invoice.

  6. Arrange dispatch and importing issues.

  7. Machine installation.

Matters needing attention

  1. Make clear what you want to sort, what capacity machine you need.

  2. Make clear of your factory proof height and usage size.

  3. Make clear sorting solution before machine dispatch.

  4. Make clear of machine maintenance work.