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A Guide to Find the Best China Color Sorter Machine Manufacturer

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Color sorter machines are generally used in the production lines of the grain industry, food industry, and mining industry. They detect the color and shape of items to divide them into two separate groups. If you're about to import color sorters from China, you should know more details about the advantage of China color sorters and how to find the best China color sorter manufacturers.

Why Choose Color Sorter Manufacturers in China?

China began to study color sorter technology in the 1990s. To meet the market needs, China has done continuous research on color sorter machines. Ranging from optical and CCD technology to cloud-based intelligent technology, China's color sorting technology has always been updated. With the development of China's color sorters, many color sorter manufacturers in China export products to foreign countries.

Of course, China color sorter manufacturers have several advantages:

  1. Fast, large, and high-quality supply

  2. Multiple choices of different manufacturers

  3. Complete infrastructures

  4. Industry clusters

5 Ways to Search Manufacturers in China

Online Marketplace

There are several reliable online marketplaces including and

Alibaba is a trustworthy marketplace full of many Chinese manufacturers. It has been committed to creating a safe and convenient environment for most customers and suppliers on the website are verified by Alibaba. You can find the supplier profile to see whether it is reliable and suitable.

color sorter on Alibaba

find a color sorter machine supplier on Alibaba

Google's Search Engine

It is essential to use the correct keywords on google's search engine. People may use different keywords because of the different cultures. And Chinese manufacturers may be not good at English marketing. If you want to find a Chinese color sorter manufacturer, you can search the following keywords:

  • Color sorter + manufacturer + China

  • Color sorter + factory + China

  • Color sorter + supplier + China

search color sorter on google

                                                                      searching keywords on Google

Social Networks

More and more Chinese manufacturers have realized that the company profiles are very important to them. So some of them may have accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can search by "product + manufacturer" on these social networks to find the right manufacturer in China. However, many Chinese manufacturers still don't have accounts on these two social networks.


Trade Fairs

If possible, visiting trade fairs in China can be a great way to find the right Chinese manufacturer. Canton Fair is the largest and oldest trade fair in China. It is held in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China each year during the spring and autumn seasons. It is the trade fair of everything, so it can be a good idea to find the manufacturer in China.

Canton Fair

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents help customers identify suppliers and guide them on how to import products from China step by step.

How to Find a Reliable Chinese Color Sorter Manufacturer?

Clarify Your Needs

You should be clear about your needs before importing. You should know how many machines you want and how much you can afford when you're finding a color sorter manufacturer. The budget can determine the configuration of a machine, but the price is the king. Buy the most suitable machine within a limited budget.

Choose Well-Known Manufacturer

The color sorter has a high requirement for technology, talents, and places. Well-known manufacturers usually have complete assembly lines, large-scale workshops, advanced technology, and high-tech talents. There are several well-known color sorter manufacturers in China such as MY MEYER, Zhongke Optic-Electronic, and Sunrise.

Find Industry Cluster

In China, different industry clusters locate in different cities and industry clusters help improve the productivity and innovation of companies. If you have done deep research on the color sorter industry, you will find that the color sorter industry cluster locates in Hefei, Anhui, China. So, it is better to choose a color sorter machine manufacturer in Hefei.

google map

Excellent Service

Color sorter belongs to precision manufacturing and it works in a production line around the clock. If you import the color sorter from China and find the machine cannot work, it can affect the production. At that time, choosing a manufacturer with excellent service is very important. Remember to choose those manufacturers with a professional after-sale team that can provide online guides and services.


Certification of a manufacturer is also very important to guarantee the quality of products, especially for high-tech items such as electronic products and large machines. If the color sorter supplier has compliance certifications, it is more reliable.

Business History

As is known to all, a company with a long history can be more reliable. It is a bit easy to register a company in China, so if the manufacturer has specialized in the same product for more than 3 years, it is more stable. You can choose those color sorter machine manufacturers with long business history.

How to Communicate Effectively With China Color Sorter Manufacturers?

  1. Express yourself clearly and tell your needs concisely to the color sorter manufacturers. Your documents should be standard and easy to read as an international buyer.

  2. Apart from the e-mail, you can also communicate with suppliers through phone calls or WeChat. If you need urgent orders, you'd better call suppliers instead of e-mail.

  3. Be calm if there is any delay or unexpected conditions. The price of raw material can fluctuate and delay may happen. Many factors can affect production.

  4. You should know about the holidays in China. The major holiday in China is the Chinese New Year. You should avoid communicating with suppliers on holidays.

Leading Color Sorting Machine Manufacturer in China

If you want to know more about the repair and maintenance of color sorters, and you may be worried that what you can do when the machine cannot work, you need a manufacturer that provides quality-assured products and offers complete services. Sunrise is such a color sorting machine manufacturer that you can rely on.

Sunrise, also called Hefei Co-Brother International Trade Co, Ltd, is a well-known color sorter manufacturer located in Hefei, Anhui, China. The manufacturer specializes in R&D, design, production, sales, and after-sale service of CCD color sorters and near-infrared color sorters. The manufacturer provides design, installation, and techinical training services for those who need color sorter solutions.

Sunrise can also meet different clients' needs as it boasts a wide range of color sorters for the processing of rice, corn, plastic, beans, ores, nuts, and so on. The color sorters can also be divided into three types: Multilayer Color Sorter, Chute-Type Color Sorter, and Belt-Type Color Sorter.

sunrise color sorter

                                                                         Sunrise Color Sorter

The manufacturer has gained many enterprise and property certifications. At present, Sunrise has imported its products to more than 20 countries. If you have any questions about products, you can get in touch with Sunrise directly.